4461 E Commerce Way, Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 419-8846
Open 7 days permitting weather
Summer 8am - till sunset(usually 6pm)
Winter  9am - till sunset(usually 5pm)
Sundays from 9am to 5pm
Please call to verify closing if running late

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Please list any experience you have. Explain detail of your car care experience if you have any. Mention the name, address and phone number(s) of your previous employer(s). Also mention names and phone numbers of your references.

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Natomas car wash is a drug-free work place and an Equal Opportunity Employer. Ours is a great place for students, career-minded individuals, or those who would like security and a place to grow. We are always looking for energetic, outgoing, and friendly people who can fill positions in disciplines like management, shift leaders and car wash associates. Persons having car care experience  will be preferred.

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